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Preface/ दो शब्द…

Dear Beloved Readers,

The Shraddhanjali (Hindi: श्रद्धांजलि = Tributes) poems were written when I was a young boy of 21 years of age. I was doing my Graduation at that time. One of my beloved teacher suddenly left us alone! I had tears in eyes and my pen was just writing something in a diary which were indeed the 18 poems which are presented here.

As expressed in one of the poems  “आत्मा का रिश्ता है ये”, I did not have a relation of blood with the departing soul.  Ah! Alas, the people were questioning my tears and asking me, why I had had tears in my eyes on his demise! He was not my blood relative after all! Who could have explained to them, that my relation with him was not the relation of blood, but it was a relation of soul, a relation which is as pure as the relations of blood!

While you read through the poems, you will feel that the innocent expressions in these poems are the feelings of every common heart. You will feel the pain of a friend – who lost his friend (श्रद्धांजलि..), pain of a wife – who lost her husband (सरस्वती की प्रतिमा सीभीषण सवेरा; अभी आ जाएगा वो ; and तो तूलिका नही उठाती मै), pain of a daughter – who lost her father (दिख गया है चाँद) (3), pain of a son – who lost his father (मौन आदेश तुम्हारा and तुम भी आना पापा) and pain of the one himself, who lost his own life यही है यथार्थ ; मत कहो…कि मर गया हूँ मैं ; सब कुछ नया होगा…इस बरस ; and दो-चार दीये ही सही…जला तो दो).

While presenting these poems to you through the ‘Shraddhanjali’ portal, I join you to express these innocent feelings for the beloved one whom you have lost! Once again, I have the same tears in my eyes! I can just say….that the pain of loosing someone we love…is deep…very deep……and we can do nothing more than paying our purest tributes by remembering that departing soul on every occasion whenever we fulfill his or her dreams and accomplish the holy tasks that he or she has given to us!

May GOD endow every departing soul with peace!

Dr S K Verma, CCMB

Dr. Sunil Kumar Verma, D.Phil. (University of Oxford, U.K.)

Mobile: +91-9908607728
Email: oxoniensiss@gmail.com
Homepage: http://sunil.verma.org.in

नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः|
न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः ||

यह आत्मा न तो कभी किसी शस्त्र द्वारा खंड खंड की जा सकती है, न अग्नि द्वारा जलाई जा सकती है, न जल द्वारा भिगोई जा सकती है न वायु द्वारा सुखाई जा सकती है |



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