Neerja Bhanot: A Goddess of Love

जरा याद करो कुर्बानी 5th September 1986 — Neerja Bhanot

She was one among us, but she was brave! She was selfless! She was the one, for whom millions of eyes had tears in eyes!

Neerja Bhanot a Tribute

Neerja Bhanot ((7 September 1963 – 5 September 1986)

Government of India awarded her the Ashoka Chakra Award (India’s highest gallantry award) and Pakistan with Tamgha-e-Insaaniyat (Awarded for showing incredible human kindness)

Who was she? What she did indeed where India and Pakistan had common view probably for the first time in the history!!

Just spend few minutess for her – read what she did for humanity!!

“She opened the emergency doors and used her body to shield the escaping children and other passengers from the bullets of terrorists, and died in the process!!”

Was she a Hindu?? Was She a Muslim?? The passengers whom she saved were probably Hindu and Muslim, Indian and Pakistan or Americans; but she was none of all – she was just a Goddess of Love. A great soul who died for the cause of humanity!!

Indian Cinema has also made a movie on the life of brave “Neerja” See the official trailer below

—and after you finish your reading: also read this – Pakistaan just released her killers and set them free!!!

” I quote – [Source of the paragraph below – wikipedia]

Her killers

The hijackers, said to be from the Abu Nidal Organisation, were captured by Pakistan, tried, convicted and sentenced to death in 1988. Their sentences were later commuted to life in prison.

In 2001, Zayd Hassan Abd Al-Latif Masud Al Safarini, one of the hijackers who shot the passengers, was captured by the FBI in Bangkok after being released by Pakistan. He is currently serving 160-year prison term in Colorado. Four others were freed from Pakistan’s Adyala Jail in January 2008. The FBI announced a $5 million bounty on their heads.”

Jara Yaad karo Kurbaani —- Dr Sunil Kumar Verma

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